Spread the Good News

When I was a new Christian in the 1990s when Communism fell off in Mongolia, everyone was excited about Jesus when they heard about Him. But in the last few years it has occurred to me that not as many people are excited by Him. Why? What is wrong? I asked this question of myself. [...]

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Zaya from Our New Church

Hello fellow followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ! These last 4 weeks we have been meeting as a home church in a living room in Zaisan.  We share our testimonies and lives with each other and are very thankful that God gives us such wonderful people. It is a beautiful time as we simply listen [...]

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God Working Through Our Government

Hello Everyone in Christ, I believe we have received signs from God to encourage us to go further in our ministry. A few weeks ago for the first time in our Christian history, the Mongolian government gave us Christians permission to organize and meet together to worship the Lord and pray in main square of [...]

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New Beginnings in Mongolia

Hello Everyone in Christ, Greeting from Mongolia, here is getting cold with snow as usual but in our heart God’s revival getting stronger like a fire! This is very new season to me and my family. Because last 19 years I was very comfortable in my current church named Christian Fellowship. This church is already [...]

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